The sparkling waterfalls of Kravice are among the most fascinating naturalistic features of the Herzegovina region. The waterfall was created by the Trebizat river with its tuff deposits, and has been declared a natural phenomenon which is under state protection. Tuff (calceraous sinter) is typical for rivers rich in calcium carbonate. Grass, moss and lichen grow on the tuff deposits.
The chaste tree (Vitex-agnus castus), figs and poplars grow alongside the falls. The tuff deposits that create the waterfalls are in fact limestone deposits which rise constantly and, therefore, create barriers that lead to the development of waterfalls.
Kravice are situated 10 km south of Ljubuški and 40 km south of Mostar. Its height is between 25 – 28 meters and the radius of the lake stretches over 120 meters and as such its one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in Herzegovina. As the water levels of the Trebižat river change, the waterfalls look different at different times of the year. In the summer, the emerald green waters of the lake below the waterfalls give them a unique ambiance of water, stones and trees.
This hidden treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is  mostly popular as a picnic and swimming area. The Kravica Falls area also has a little cafe, a rope swing, and a place to camp. Due to lower water levels, the pool beneath the waterfalls provides an ideal location for swimming and refreshing during the summer heat.
The cold, clear water falls into a small valley. From noon on wards (when it gets hotter) some of the water particles hurdled into the air vaporize and put a lid of mist on top of the valley making it a pleasant shade-like feeling to be there.
During the high season, various restaurants in the vicinity of the waterfalls mostly offer grilled dishes and fish specialties.

Our Mostar group or Mostar and Herzegovina highlights private tours include a visit to the Kravica falls, along with Počitelj town.